So I was buying pants the other day from a site called Bonobos, when I came upon the just about greatest checkout process I have ever seen online.  Here it is:


I only need to show one screenshot, because the whole thing happens on one page.  THE WHOLE THING HAPPENS ON ONE PAGE.  The page is very cleanly divided in three logical sections: Billing information, Shipping information, and Review.  That’s it.  And really, isn’t that all you need?  When you complete the first section, the focus transitions to the second section, and the same again from the second to the third.

What happens if the browser window gets too narrow, you might ask?  Bonobos is one step ahead of you.  The three sections seamlessly transition into three tabs positioned at the top of the page.  Wow.


For any site with a checkout process that is significantly more complicated than this, or spreads over several pages, why does it have to be that way?  It’s not rocket science… I’m just trying to buy some pants.